I’m Erin and I’m from Michigan. I live in a valley, where it’s safe from tornadoes, yet privy to floods. I spend my time guiding my children through this life, listening to my husband talk, seeking treasures, avoiding strangers, and using my eyes. I like making art and money. Ironic! Someday I hope to learn to tap dance.

I love making collages to create a new reality. I strongly feel that our memories are stored in the manner of a collage, rather than a literal image. I started making collages out of my own photographs and had an emotional reaction to the results, feeling that they better represented my sentiments than the untouched originals.

All of my collages are hand-cut from discarded vintage books and magazines, assembled with glue and printed onto high quality paper by me. I take pride in my work and it brings me a lot of joy.

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